I recently read a FastCompany article on Chris Hughes, who coordinated Barack Obama’s online campaign – making a huge impact on both marketing and politics. The author deftly placed a quote from Hughes that stood out for attention:

“I don’t really know what ‘community’ means. And I never use that word.”



I’ve spent several years working in various groups and teams of smart, energetic and wonderful people – in business, technology, education, non-profit and faith-based. The fact of the matter is, that I also don’t know what community means.

However, I’ve seen some people draw strength from working in groups, others find their identities through their teams. And there there are others, in order to avoid their own insecurities, just don’t want to feel… alone, but be able to eventually stand in confidence.

I’ve been privileged to witness extraordinary things accomplished through teams and groups – emphasizing the proverb “None of us are as smart as all of us.” 

I’m currently in the process of working, talking, interviewing with some of these extraordinary people, and will be talking more about community in various settings. The best thing about it is that I won’t be doing it alone. I’ll be looking for my community to help me.

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