Social on Mobile is Growing

Luke Wroblewski from LukeW Designs and a leading design leader in the field for User Experience put up a post on the growth of social networking on the mobile platform. I’m surprised that there wasn’t an infographic on it, but the recent details was pretty impressive. A  couple of points highlighted were.

  • Access to Facebook via mobile browser grew 112% in the past year to 25.1 million users in January 2010.
  • Access to Twitter via mobile browser experienced a 347% jump to 4.7 million users in January 2010.

The complete blog is here:
Check it out and some of his other posts.

With the Windows Mobile coming out and the growth of Geo Location technology and subsequent apps to follow, it’s clear that mobile’s moving fast. As for the numbers, I think I’ll play around with the data and put it on the template infographic – let’s see how this turns out.

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