Yep, I’m going to South-By…

At the last minute, I recently found out I’ll be going to South By Southwest. I’ll be participating in a panel on the Twitter Indispensable Tools Seminar – moderated by Guy Kawasaki of Alltop. On the panel is Nick Halstead, of TweetMeme, Laura Fitton (or Pistachio) of oneforty, and Iain Dodsworth of TweetDeck. This will be pretty interesting, especially since I’m a last minute replacement for Loic.

If you’re attending SXSW, feel free to look me up or connect.  I’ll also be attending the Facebook Developers Garage talking about Seesmic. Since this is my first SXSW, I really don’t have any expectations outside of not screwing up and meeting with brands & potential partners. I’m already overwhelmed with the number of parties there are. I’ve been looking at the following:

Personally, I’d be happy with meeting with a quality few, and chilling at the hotel lounge over some shots…

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