It’s About Who Controls the Information

In my preparations for SXSW, there’s a few things that I plan to experiment with, even though it’s my first time at the conference.

I do quite a few movie and TV references in my daily conversations- so while I’m at Austin, I’m going to do my best to quote and refer to as many movies as possible in nearly all my conversations. It’ll be a personal pet project that I’d like to see how far I can take.

For my participation in the Twitter Indispensable Tools Seminar, there’s one scene that pops up into my head.

Sneakers is one of my all-time favorite tech related movies. The movie is about a crackpot team of hackers that gets themselves involved in a cat and mouse chase over an ultimate code breaking black box. Ben Kingsley is the hacker villain countering Robert Redford’s anti-hero role, and shares an insight that still holds true today.

In the world of Twitter, Facebook and obviously Google – it’s clear that the power behind who takes control or a share of the control is more potent than any of us would like to believe. And I’m sure we’re all curious as to how this will play out…

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