During my stay at SXSW

I decided to try not to tweet anything about my real-time experiences of SXSW. Unless there’s a genuine interaction of the people that I’m meeting to recognize my relationship with them or there’s some important insights from a session, I feel tweeting about it just generally showing off, and is disrespectful to those not at SXSW. Maybe I’m being sensitive or being a pussy about it. I’ll still check-in with foursquare or gowalla – I just won’t post it to Twitter. Perhaps, I’ll  just try to send pics via ping to my flicker, posterous or perhaps facebook. If people want to see my real-time experiences at SXSW, they’ll see it through those sites.

If anything, I will post when I’ll be talking at my scheduled engagements, in case people want to see any streams available.

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