yamasaki.me – friends call me “Yama.” I’ve been involved in the tech industry since 1999 and involved in the non-profit community several years before that.

Currently: I work in product at Telmate, working on some cool stuff with even cooler people and continually working together to make an impact.

My History: This all really started several years ago with my first encounter of a “tweetup” led by @garyvee. After another a second Gary V tweetup, and a number of other social tech events, my social involvement online and offline continued on.

With the help of Tara Hunt and Sandra Arriaga (as well as the original New York group), we put together a group chapter of TechKaraoke San Francisco, a monthly meetup to put our voices together and have a lot of fun. We had some peak moments thanks to @aznsnuffy & @tia_marie and then followed by some off and on moments. There’s now a recent revival thanks to @andigalpern.

My recent experience at Seesmic, which was recently acquired by Hootsuite, offered an opportunity to work in various roles in community management, business development, social enterprise and product management, as well as getting the chance to work with some of the best colleagues and partners in the industry..

With my previous background in non-profit community organizations and my current background in technology, I’ve been on a journey to gather all the puzzle pieces and figure out how technology brings people together.

In this blog, I’ll be posting up various items that surround my interests in technology – ranging from product management, project management, agile and scrum development, social media, user experience and interaction, web design, analytics and metrics, data visualization, product marketing, web strategy, Internet leadership, community management and any other disruptive innovation or process that creates community.

As for myself, I enjoy meeting new people more in-person than online – then be able to carry on the relationship online. But I also definitely get a kick out of interacting with people on the interwebs with a goal of being able to meet them in real life.

If I wasn’t working, I’d be with my family or in painful delight training in Muay Thai.

Feel free to follow me on twitter (@yama), or check me out on LinkedIn, and I’ll see you real soon.

Oh, yeah. My views, posts and comments are strictly my own and don’t reflect the views of my current company… blah, blah, blah, blah…

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