Diagrams That Changed the World

Diagrams That Changed the World.

Neatorama posted this article and covers a Florence Nightingale classic…

Dave McClure by the Numbers INFOGRAPHIC | Sean Percival’s Blog

First of all, big shout out to Sean and Laurie Percival for being brand new parents. Congrats to the new family!

Second, Sean put up this awesome infographic before he became daddy, and I nearly choke myself on the sheer awesomeness…

Dave Mcclure by the Numbers

Dave McClure by the Numbers INFOGRAPHIC | Sean Percival’s Blog.

The Secret Sauce of InfoGraphs

Let’s face it: Infographs are sexy, turning heads (or producing clicks and views), and creating retweets. I certain have the standard sites in my google reader: Information Aesthetics, Flowing Data, Cool Infographics, Infographic News, DataViz, Visual Complexity

Nathan Yau of Flowing Data put up this great post last month highlighting the obvious. I think I’ll try to whip up something following this formula.

Data Underload

Data Underload

What is data visualization? Contest from FlowingData

Just entered a comment to FlowingData to describe data visualization:


visualize it /

data comes, ideas flow /

now, you know it all

via It’s Time for Another FlowingData 10k Giveaway – Quick Deadline | FlowingData.

Top 10 Video, Multimedia Websites – January 2009

Top 10 Video, Multimedia Websites

Marketing Charts is a great resource for various information and tidbits on the market. I was very surprised to see how much of a market YouTube has on the competitors and was even more shocked to see Hulu, so low. I don’t think that Hulu’s numbers in the chart include the impact from their SuperBowl commercial, so I’ll be curious to see where they will be at for the Feb numbers.

Even so, YouTube’s numbers are quite impressive.

Top 10 Video, Multimedia Websites – January 2009.

Is Canada Facebook-Saturated? – Alex’s Notes

Is Canada Facebook-Saturated? – Alex’s Notes